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Circle of the Sublime Elms​​​​​​​

for the open-minded & free spirited




Stones Study Series 2
Gathering: 3:30
Class: 4 to 5 pm
By: Katy Star & Jessica Waller
Donation: $10 at door

Mindfulness Meditation
Gathering: 6:30pm
Meditation: 7pm to 8pm
By: Joe & Amanda
Supplies/donation of $3

July 23

Reiki Circle and Meditation Chakra Healing Series
Gathering: 3:30pm

Class: 4:00pm. Circle closes promptly at 4pm and cannot reopen once reiki begins
BY: Alicia & Katy Star

$10 donation per person

July 14

A-Z Herb Series
Gathering: 6:30 PM
Class begins: 7 PM
By: Carly
Donations appreciated

July 19

July 20

History of Witchcraft and Magic Part 2
Gathering at 5:30
Class 6 to 7:00 pm
By: Jerry J
Donation: $8 at door

Ritual Etiquette Class for the Sublime Elms
Gathering: 2:15 PM
By: Justin & Ali
Class at 2:30 PM

July 21

Celtic Tree Lore Druidic Divination Intro Class
Gathering: 5:30
Class: 6 pm
By: Jerry J
Donation: $7 at door

​​​​​​​Guidance from the BLACKTHORN, ELDER, AND PINE w/ the Ogham alphabet
Gathering at 6:45
Class 7:15 - 8:15
By: Jerry J
Donation: $7 at door

July 27